Case Study : Laurentian Bank Identity Program

As part of its new business strategy, the Laurentian Bank launched several new products and concepts, including; the revitalization of their Logo and identification of their branches, the Espresso Bank Café.

In collaboration with the Bank’s marketing group, Signature design communication‘s design team developed a new comprehensive identity program to reflect this new commercial retail approach rather than a typical banking institution.

To achieve this goal we undertook the important task of designing and rebranding all visual communications in the built environments, both existing and new. We first created a strong visual identity with a bold contemporary and contrasting color scheme of the bank’s original version of the iconic symbol of a tree logo. In collaboration with the architectural firm responsible for the new boutique style branches, our designers then developed an exterior store front design which included a main entrance portal with the new color scheme. The design incorporates the new visual language and signage elements including window graphics, building identification signs, awnings, free standing pylon signs, directional signs, ATM identification pictogram and signage.

SDC’s design team also developed an interior environmental design program which included wall graphics, illuminated color changing mood walls, ATM displays within the Bank, wall mounted information centers, free standing coffee displays and the children’s play house.

All design aspects of the new identity program were taken under consideration, from the color selection of the new logo to the choice of photos for the wall and window graphics to the responsibility of the graphic illustrations for the children’s play house. Our industrial designers also designed and prototyped all signage elements, ATM displays, color changing mood walls, and children’s play house, the free standing coffee display and information kiosks. 150 Bank branches underwent this transformation.

In order to transform these Bank branches SDC was also mandated to establish and create graphic guidelines, signage guidelines and design guidelines for ATM and various other displays with technical fabrication and installation details, prepare tender documents, audit and survey, acquire municipal permits, and supervise fabrication and installation.

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