We know that successful projects require a design that is sensitive to both its location and the needs of its users. Our work is rooted in transparent communication with our collaborators, and draws on the vast experience of our multidisciplinary team. We're committed to building relationships, objects, and places that are meant to last.

Our approach

Each project is unique. When you work with us, you’ll know that every aspect is carefully considered and custom-designed.

From furniture to signage, wayfinding plans to visual integration-nothing is left to chance.

Creative process

We start each project with a round of research, discussion and sketching. Through these preparations, we’re able to identify the underlying principle that will best guide the project in each stage of its development.

Our team includes a dozen professionals working in industrial design, graphic design, architecture, engineering, and environmental design. Our strength lies in our diverse and complementary skillsets.

Each project begins with a collaborative work session. By leveraging everyone’s experience, we can develop a project strategy that is effective, meaningful, and responsive to your needs.


While our industrial designers create forms and study their feasibility, our graphic designers use typography, symbols and colour to create a visual identity for your project, ensuring that your messages are legible, and bringing your wayfinding plan to life.

Our designers work in close collaboration, taking your various constraints-be they mechanical, material, budgetary or time-related-and transforming them into aesthetically pleasing, cohesive solutions for projects that are harmonious and meaningful.


Our managers are trained technicians. Their understanding of the technical challenges inherent to our work helps facilitate communication with all of the professionals involved, from architects to manufacturers.

Since 1998, we’ve been perfecting our coordination and project management strategies to better support you. We work within your budget and timeframe to deliver projects that go further.


We design for public spaces. We know that every single decision affects the urban fabric. For us, no design is successful if it’s not sustainable. It must also be useful and adapted to people’s needs. Our designs help people find their way, learn more about their environment, move around, and enjoy places that are harmonious, attractive and accessible.

Human beings are at the heart of everything we do. Our design strategies place them at the forefront, and we strive to build trusting, loyal relationships with our clients. Our expertise may set us apart, but our greatest strength lies in our ability to exceed expectations with every design.