When it comes to wayfinding, designing innovative street furniture, or creating a meaningful visual identity, our work is unparalleled. We strive to take your projects further, while developing socially responsible designs.

Our expertise

Like the services we offer, our team is multidisciplinary, creative and driven.

We draw on everyone’s expertise to advance our mission: to create living spaces that reflect their users’ needs.


Whatever the scope of your project, whether an airport, park or city, our wayfinding design helps people navigate their environment, improving both their understanding and experience of the space.

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When developing a wayfinding plan, we imagine ourselves in the user’s shoes. We come up with potential circulation scenarios that take into account the space’s features and intended activities. By analyzing paths from a user experience standpoint, we can make navigational choices and identify decision points. From there, we can design and distinguish paths, optimizing the overall space for easier travel. Our strategies are one-of-a-kind, reflecting every individual space and situation.

No wayfinding strategy is complete without signage. Depending on the context, we may opt for communication solutions that incorporate static, dynamic, interactive, virtual or technological elements. The ultimate goal is to give people the tools they need to comprehend your space.

Our solutions integrate seamlessly into the existing architecture. The idea is to complement what is already there, not to outshine it. Choosing a consistent, cohesive graphic language will enhance your space and make navigation more intuitive.

What we can do for you

— Project Management

— User Interaction Analysis

— Wayfinding studies and analysis

— Establish wayfinding strategies, signage requirements and planning

— Establish signage placement

Industrial Design

Street furniture, architectural lighting fixtures, signage solutions, and custom products: we design everything with our ethics in mind. We’re committed to designing high quality objects that are long-lasting, adapted to their environment, safe, and user-oriented.

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SDC has been offering industrial design services for more than a decade, and creating custom wayfinding objects was a logical extension to our offering. This synergy between graphic and industrial design helps us deliver projects that are integrated, cohesive and harmonious.

Our expertise helps us manage projects with ease, from idea to prototype, while ensuring that the final result is unique without being unrealistic.

While signage is generally reserved for passageways, street furniture and urban equipment are used to bring comfort and a sense of belonging to a location. When someone encounters a bench, installation or piece of outdoor fitness equipment, they’re being invited to inhabit this space for several minutes, or even several hours. Projects of this nature show the impact that our actions have on the city. It’s important that we create objects and furniture that are durable, inspiring and appealing to all user.

What we can do for you

— Project Management

— Product Strategy

— Research and design options

— Design Development

— 2D and 3D Renderings

— Parametric modeling

— Computer generated photographic manipulation

— Technical Development Drawings

— Develop working drawings and technical specifications

— Monitor production and or installation

Graphic Design

Signage, graphic identity, logos, artistic direction: we create visual experiences that connect people to places and give character to spaces.

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Graphic design plays an important role in our specialized signage and wayfinding work. Graphic design sets spaces apart, and informs and guides users. The goal is for every place to have its own identity and to leave its mark in the imagination of those passing through.

The challenge is to be visible without being ostentatious, to draw the eye without stealing the spotlight, and to enhance your architecture without overshadowing it. Our creations are intended to add to what’s already there. We establish standards, so our graphic elements are visually consistent. Our harmonious, uniform visuals are designed to bring out the best in your space.

What we can do for you

— Project Management

— Develop a family of signage elements

— Develop a Signage Master Plan

— Signage Guidelines

— Develop a visual brand identity

— Graphic Guidelines

— Design Direction

— Information Design

— Environmental Graphic Design