Series of Outdoor Fitness Equipment in Parks and Urban Spaces
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For over 10 years, we have been developing a series of outdoor fitness equipments and installations for TrekFit found in public spaces. Together, we design the product strategies while keeping in mind the fundamental value of the company: to promote and facilitate the access to a healthy lifestyle. Thanks to the expertise of our various collaborators, this partnership has created tools for urban development now found all over Québec, Canada, and the United States.


To create for the citizens

TrekFit promotes diversity by involving the aging population. The company energizes and promotes interactions within the community, and gives value to a place by enhancing the urban landscape.

Children play park
Women exercice park
Group exercice park
Group women exercice outdoor park
Group women exercice outdoor park


An integrated design

The concept of the modules is inspired by the organic shapes found in nature and the fluidity of human movements.

A flexible design

The flexibility awarded by having a variety of possible configurations for the system makes it possible to offer the full advantages of fitness within different circuits. The many different ways to use each piece of equipment allows for a full body workout with just a single item.

A durable design

The high-end materials used are designed and made in Québec to resist the extreme weathers known to the province. The structures are free of any mobile piece or any mechanism susceptible to breaking and causing accidents. Lastly, an anti-graffiti coating and tamper proof hardware give the outdoor fitness system an excellent durability in any urban space.

Park equipment sport
park sport equipment
sport corporate equipment
sport corporate equipment
sport corporate equipment
woman park sport climb
Men sport park climb



Grands prix du design

Industrial Design / Sports & Lifestyle Equipment: Silver Winner
Le Sommet – Bloc Urbain


Grands prix du design

Recreational equipment, games and toys – Jungle de bamboo


Grands prix du design

Street Furniture


Concours InnovA

Innovation Award in Product Design for the Benefit of an Aging Society