Shamrock Avenue Table

Reconnect the Urban Fabric and the Citizens
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Started in 2014, the redevelopment project of Shamrock Avenue aims to encourage interactions between citizens while also creating an important link between Saint-Laurent Boulevard and the Jean-Talon Market. It is with this in mind that we have designed and developed a range of street furniture that is modern, inviting, and inclusive. In addition to the creation of fountains and counters for food preparation, the key element of this project is the creation of a large table seating up to 100 people where citizens are invited and encouraged to share and interact spontaneously.


Reclaim the public space

The inspiration for this concept is typical Italian bloc parties where whole villages get together to share recipes, games, and songs. We hope that by making available infrastructures adapted for social contexts and human needs there will be an increase in the involvement, closeness, and link between citizens in a manner mirroring a large family.

bike kid table red seat
table large view
blur bike
table foot detail
table bench detail
table large view
table get around a tree


An empathetic design, centred on users

Our mission is to understand and answer the needs of citizens, while acknowledging the diversity of the human experience. From the tourist seeking an authentic culinary experience, the resident running errands, the young family looking for a resting place or the elders inhabiting the neighbourhood for many years, they all represent the guiding forces behind the project, since they will be the ones to inhabit and claim the space as their own.


The accessible areas are positioned to offer a maximum amount of interaction and inclusivity to wheelchairs, mobility scooters, and baby carriages. Seating is positioned strategically. For example, benches are placed facing playgrounds.

table and bench detail
preparation counter and fountain
preparation counter and fountain detail
preparation counter detail
preparation counter detail
preparation counter and table
avenue shamrock table
jean talon market preparation counter and fountain



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