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Promenade Ontario
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Following the success of the Libre Cours sur Ontario pedestrian project, Ville de Montréal’s Bureau du design turned to SDC, in partnership with NIPpaysage and Paprika, to implement a hybrid and ephemeral development of Ontario Est Street for the summer of 2021.
A concept of a distinct visual identity, including green spaces and citizen-oriented amenities, was set up on the commercial artery.


Improve access to public spaces in a context of pandemic restrictions

The development of the Promenade Ontario for the summer of 2021 offered citizens a safe space for relaxation and entertainment thanks to the sharing of spaces owned by the city.

Themed booths and the integration of landscape architecture created areas for socializing that brought the neighborhood back to life while stimulating local businesses.

Enfants qui jouent
Femmes âgées sport exercice
Groupe exercice sport extérieur
Groupe exercice sport extérieur femmes
Femmes âgées sport exercice
Groupe exercice sport extérieur


Meeting the needs of citizens and businesses

The goal was to offer a new perspective on the artery and to allow citizens to appropriate the space.

A hybrid model was set up between Darling and Nicolet streets, in response to the demands of business owners. Initially, the setup of shared plots allowed businesses to increase their traffic while respecting physical distancing.

Another portion of the artery was reserved for pedestrians during the summer, creating a comfortable and friendly urban experience for all.

Reuse and innovate

The booths from the 2020 edition of the project were reused and improved with the addition of backrests and shading areas.

New elements such as a boardwalk space, a mist passage, hammocks, and the addition of ramps were very popular with passers-by. These structures can be reused during deployments in the years to come.

The perennials used for the greening of the commercial artery were given to the citizens at the end of the project.

Parc sport extérieur


«… the pedestrianization of Ontario Street, sometimes it’s the only ‘vacation’ for some families … It’s true. It touches me, that we are lucky enough to have this space for relaxation, strolling and entertainment in our neighborhood.»

Célia Foizon, citizen of the Mercier Hochelaga Maisonneuve borough

sport extérieur équipement parc
Femmes âgées sport exercice
Groupe exercice sport extérieur
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Photos: Camille Gladu-Drouin and SDC