Parking — Place Montréal Trust

A Playful and Functional Signage Program
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Place Montréal Trust is a go-to destination for shopping in downtown Montréal. The underground parking lot counts over 300 parking spaces, all spread out over one level. Upcoming repair and painting work as well as an update to the lighting system were the perfect opportunity to revisit the signage program of the entire parking lot.


A playful experience

The main focus of the project was to make the user feel safer through the setup of a unique experience. With the goal of painting the users’ visit in a positive light and to extend the brand image and tones used by Place Montréal Trust to communicate with its clients, the concept of the project is centred on the use of an entertaining and elegant language. We established a simple and memorable codification and placed large murals composed of signature phrases, quotations, word plays, and pictograms throughout the parking lot. In addition to having improved and made the space more dynamic, transforming it into an environment that’s both playful and functional, this project had a direct impact on the client experience. Some users go as far as venturing through the parking lot to discover new phrases.